AB Reporting are highly experienced in using Zoom or other remote platforms to make your deposition run smoothly and flawlessly. We predominantly attend depositions in London, UK but we are also able to cover depositions onsite in most parts of the world. Please note that for some destinations, it will be necessary to obtain a visa, which can take one or two weeks, so it is necessary to make bookings far enough in advance to facilitate this.

We can provide realtime, same day rough transcript, as well as standard turnaround (8-10 business days) and expedited final transcript same day, next day, et cetera. For in-room realtime, we will supply iPads and for remote realtime we will supply a website URL, session code and password to enable participants to access the realtime feed on any browser platform.

AB Realtime reporting uses Stenograph’s Caseviewnet for realtime. A quick reference guide to Caseviewnet is available here:

Deposition Reporting